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Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Rescue Gift Kit

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Rescue Gift Kit

Leftover revival.

Send the Turkey Rescue Kit to arrive before the festivities and impress them with your forethought. Dazzle them with your conscientiousness. Then watch 'em get blown away by the flavor.

The Turkey Rescue Kit includes most of what you need to turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into superior sandwiches. With accompaniments like these, post-turkey day lunches will go from being a boring obligation to an exciting private event.

We've packed a rescue kit into our Zingerman's gift bag: a loaf of Jewish Rye, Zingerman's Nor'easter Cabot Cheddar, a jar of Raye's Cranberry Mustard, a pint of Coleslaw and half-pint of Russian dressing, Zingerman's "Old" garlicky Pickles, two personal-sized bags of Zingerman's Potato Chips, and a mini Cranberry Walnut Pie for dessert. Leftover turkey and sandwich assembly required.

"Impress everyone with your forethought and get Zingerman’s rescue kit, which includes everything you need to make an epic leftover sandwich."
Julia Heffelfinger, Food & Wine

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Rescue Gift Kit

G-TUR Serves 4-6 for one sandwich bash, or 1-2 for days of leftovers
We're not sure when it's returning

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