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Lean in a High Variability Business

Lean in a High Variability Business

The story of how we built our business.

You know Zingerman's as a purveyor of artisan food from all over the world (and makers of delicious artisan foods, too). But we're also a nimble, innovative fulfillment warehouse that tackles the same challenges most businesses face.

This graphic novel shares the story of how we face, understand, and solve those challenges by incorporating the lessons learned from Toyota and how they manufacture cars and more using lean principles. Turns out we have a lot in common.

If you're running a business that deals with high variability, regardless of your product, this graphic novel is for you. It's certainly going to be the most engaging business book you'll read all year. 

Written by Zingerman's Mail Order managing partner Tom Root, Logistics Consultant Eduardo Lander, and Professor Jeffrey K. Liker, author of The Toyota Way. 

"John Dewey famously pointed out, 'We don't learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.' Here's your chance to learn as the three authors reflect on the (successful) struggle to build a Lean production and management system at Zingerman's Mail Order. Thousands of people visit and benchmark ZMO. This book delivers the backstory in a richly illustrated way."
Mike Rother, author of the best selling books Toyota Kata and The Toyota Kata Practice Guide

Lean in a High Variability Business

P-HVB paperback, 225 pages
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Lean in a High Variability Business - bundle of 6 books

P-HVB-6 bundle of 6 paperbacks, each 225 pages
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