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Kifli Almond Cookies

Kifli Almond Cookies

Buttery, almondy, wonderful.

An Austrian and Hungarian favorite, kifli are small crescent moon-shaped cookies. They’re made with almonds, flour, butter, sugar, vanilla and a bit of powdered sugar. Each sweet cookie is perfectly balanced between buttery and almondy with a delicate, crumbly texture that practically melts in your mouth, similar to shortbread. They are, in a word, scrumptious. 
Each cookie is big enough for about two to three dainty nibbles, or one big gobbling mouthful. Share them, if your will is strong enough. 
Zingerman’s Bakehouse makes these just one month of the year in February, so I’d order a few and stock up the freezer, if I were you.

Kifli Almond Cookies

P-KIF 21 cookies, gift boxed
Returning February 2022

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