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Italian Hazelnut Gianduja Fudge

Italian Hazelnut Gianduja Fudge

Grown up fudge.

I'll admit it: I initially picked this up just because the packaging was so cute. But then I tasted it and it stopped me in my tracks. It's outrageously good.

It's not really fudge. It's better. From up near Alba comes a super dense, super rich block of fudgy textured chocolate that's littered with toasted Piedmont hazelnuts and dusted with cocoa. This is what Nutella wishes it could be when it grows up.

The adorable, slender box makes for a superb gift or stocking stuffer for any choco-holics on your list. When stored in a cool, dry spot, it'll keep for some months—if you can hold off from gobbling it all up in one go.

Italian Hazelnut Gianduja Fudge

P-IFG 200 g box
Coming on or before November 5
Ships for flat rate

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