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Gluten Free New Baby Gift Box

Gluten Free New Baby Gift Box

Say congratulations, without any gluten.

What scares the living daylights out of some people just happened to friends of yours. They had a baby. They don’t sleep. How on earth do they eat? Very well, if they’re lucky enough to have friends who send this. 

This gift box includes a collection of gluten free, eminently snackable foods to get everyone through those midnight feedings. Our colorful, cartooned gift box contains two gluten-free Townie Brownies, Chocolate Marshmallows, Pignoli Pine Nut Cookies, Cabot Nor'Easter Cheddar, Holy Cow Beef Sticks, Coop's Mocha Chocolate Sauce, gluten-free Cheddar and Pepper Crackers, Zingerman's Sea Salt Potato Chips and a darn cute Zingerman's bib.

Note that while all of the ingredients in these foods are gluten free, many are made in facilities that do process gluten. If you're concerned about a severe allergy, please give us a call and we'll help.

Gluten Free New Baby Gift Box

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