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Farmhouse Mahon Cheese

Farmhouse Mahon Cheese

Sweet little cheese from Spain's isle of Menorca.

This pillow shaped cow's milk cheese is made on the island of Menorca, off the Mediterranean coast of Spain. I haven't visited yet, but it sounds like a wonderful place. With temperate weather year round, it transforms into one huge lush meadow from fall through spring. While cheesemaking in most other parts of Spain slows down considerably, this is when Menorca kicks production into high gear.

We cut cheeses from the firm pillow it comes in. The distinct shape of this cheese derives from the unique way its formed. Curd is piled in the center of a cloth, the square corners are knotted and twisted together and the cheese is pressed and twisted for a few days to force out whey. It's then set to age for a few months — not too long, it's usually served on the younger side.

Smooth, sweet, with wonderful fruity high notes, this is an easy cheese to like. It's great if you're looking for something simple to set against a bunch of complex, intense foods.

The wheels we are offering now are wonderfully creamy, slightly sweet and mild. This cheese will round out any host's cheese platter and be a real winner with all their guests.

Farmhouse Mahon Cheese

C-HON by the lb
$13 - $48
Ships 2 business days warm weather care