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Easter Extravaganza Gift Basket

Easter Extravaganza Gift Basket

Best Easter basket ever.

Give the Easter bunny a break this year and go for an Easter basket filled with the most flavorful treats in town. With a mix of classic chocolate and sweet treats, plus savory tidbits to break up the sugar rush, there’s something here for every-bunny to love.

We stuff our wicker basket with a no-nut Black Magic Brownie, a Sky’s the Lemon Cookie, a bag of half Raspberry, half Coconut Marshmallow Bunny Tails, Antonio Mattei’s Almond Biscotti, Butter Toasted Peanuts, John Macy's Cheesesticks, Rosemary Maple Almonds, a bag of Zingerman’s Sea Salt Potato Chips, a Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny, and a carton of six petite Italian Chocolate Easter Eggs.

Easter Extravaganza Gift Basket

G-ESB Serves 6-8 at one go, or 1-2 for a week of noshing
Returning February 2023

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