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Customizable 3 Fresh Meat Sampler

Customizable 3 Fresh Meat Sampler

Your meats, your way.

We select beef and pork with two main criteria: flavor and animal husbandry. When it comes to animal husbandry, we’re looking to buy from farms that let their herds do what comes naturally. They need to have access to the outdoors, room to root or graze. They don’t get antibiotics in their feed, they don’t take hormones. We’re not necessarily looking for farms that are strictly organic, or that raise heritage breeds, but often both of those are part of the story at the farms that are working at this level.
Then we taste. If the beef is luscious, tender, tangy and has us craving more, we’re in. If the pork chops are so good we wonder, “What have we all been eating before this?” we’re in. You’ll be in, too, promise.
Pick what you’d like to make a custom box. Your fresh meats will be shipped frozen, ready to thaw and toss on the grill.

Choose any 3:

more to go. You have selected of fresh meats. Click the plus sign + to select a fresh meat.

Red Wattle Porterhouse Pork Chops

Red Wattle-breed pork. Sweet, with luscious fat. Cut like porterhouse steaks. Four 13 oz chops.

Duroc Porterhouse Pork Chops

Duroc-breed pork from Indiana. Super savory. Cut like porterhouse steaks. Two 16 oz bone-in chops.

Grass Fed Ground Beef

Grass-fed and grass-finished ground beef with rich, smooth, deep flavor. Two 1-lb packages.

Ibérico de Bellota Pork Shoulder Secreto

A "secret" cut from Spain's acorn-fed Ibérico hogs. Spectacular grilled. One 12-oz boneless piece.
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Grass Fed Petite Strip Steaks

A smaller portion of the classic NY strip steak. Four 4 oz boneless steaks.
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Grass Fed Bavette Steaks

A juicy, beefy cut, great for grilling like flank steak. Two 10 oz boneless steaks.

Grass Fed New York Strip Steak

Tender yet packed with savory, earthy flavor and great mineral tang. One 10-12 oz boneless steak.

Grass Fed Cowboy Cut Ribeye Steak

Dry aged for incredible depth of flavor, with fabulous marbling. One 20-oz bone-in steak.
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Customizable 3 Fresh Meat Sampler

G-3MT 3 fresh (frozen) meats
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