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Red Pepper Chocolate Truffles

Red Pepper Chocolate Truffles

Ancient trade.

Bonajuto has been making chocolate in the baroque Sicilian town of Modica since 1880. By that time Gustav Lindt had perfected conching, the process that makes chocolate smooth. Nearly every European chocolate maker adopted it. Bonajuto didn’t. They continued to make unconched chocolate, the texture crunchy in comparison.

Nowadays that texture has come somewhat back in fashion. A number of modern American chocolatiers, including Taza, make chocolate in this style. Here, you can experience it as it was and always has been.

This gift box has bite sized truffles spiced with just a hint of red pepper, another typical addition to 19th century chocolate. An outstanding gift for a chocolate lover—or history buff.

The truffles will keep for months on end, letting you nibble at your leisure.

Gluten Free

"The textured red pepper chocolate truffles are dense, crystalline and a little spicy."
Irene S. Levine, Forbes

Bonajuto Red Pepper Chocolate Truffles

P-BON-TRU 20 truffle box
Ships for flat rate

Bonajuto Red Pepper Chocolate Truffles

P-BON-RDP 6 truffle tin
Ships for flat rate

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