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Angelina Advent Calendar from Paris

Angelina Advent Calendar from Paris

Chocolate Christmas countdown.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the countdown to Christmas Eve. In my family, we have a wall hanging with little felt ornaments that hang on a flat, felt tree. Each morning the kids pick which ornament to hang and when there are no more ornaments to hang, it's time to get really excited.

This limited edition advent calendar from Angelina in Paris is just as much fun, more elegant, and way more delicious than your run of the mill Christmas countdown tradition.

Angelina, the jewelbox of a cafe in the heart of Paris, is best known for serving astonishingly delicious drinking chocolate. But that's not their only sweet treat. They also have a line of confections with huge flavor.

That's what we've got here: a collection of twenty-four individually wrapped confections, from French classics like chocolate covered dentelle crepes to morsels of rich chocolate and hazelnut gianduja. Each day, discover a new treat hidden in this advent calendar sporting a cozy, festive scene depicting the interior of the Angelina cafe in Paris.

Extremely limited quantities.

Angelina Advent Calendar from Paris

P-AGA 24 days worth of sweet treats, boxed
Current Price $80
Returning November 2024

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