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Alziari Olive Oil

Alziari Olive Oil

A twenty-year love affair.

It's now been over two decades since I first fell in love with Alziari, the old shop in the historic center of Nice, on France’s Côte d’Azur. Their extra virgin olive oil is exceptional and typically Niçoise—light, flowery and elegant but still full of character and charisma. I could use the same phrase to describe the tin it comes in. It's such a beautiful package that it makes one of the best gifts from our catalog; it needs no wrapping.

The oil is perfect for a traditional salade niçoise made with potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, Niçoise olives, basil, green beans and good olive oil-packed tuna. Gourmet, Fine Cooking and Travel & Leisure have all written about how they love Alziari. It’s been one of our most popular oils for years.

Full disclosure: this oil is not made from 100% French-grown olives. The Alziaris also source olives from Spain and Italy, from growers they've worked with for decades. They still press all of the olives within 24 hours of picking. They do also offer an estate-grown and pressed oil, made only from their own olives grown in their own groves.

"Floral and feminine, Alziari is a classic niçoise oil from the Côte d'Azur."
Travel & Leisure

Extra virgin olive oil
Buttery and silky flavors
The 2021 harvest has a buttery olive aroma. The flavor is softly sweet and fruity, with a silky texture and a whisper of black pepper in the finish.

Alziari Olive Oil

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Alziari Olive Oil - case of 6

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More to learn

As a very flexible rule, extra virgin olive oil can be stored for about a year. Keep it in a relatively cool, dark place. Heat and light are enemies, so stay away from window sills and stove sides. There’s no need to refrigerate, in fact, we recommend you avoid it.

Every couple years it seems a big news story breaks about the dangers of adulterated extra virgin olive oil. The oils in these stories invariably from producers who are blending olives from many sources. They’re mixing less expensive oils in, ones that are possibly not from the region they say they are, possibly not extra […]