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American Spoon Cherry Berry Spoonfruit

Sugar-free preserves from Petoskey, Michigan.

Cherry Berry Spoonfruit—like its sister jam, Black & Blueberry Spoonfruit—is made by Justin Rashid's great company, American Spoon in northern Michigan.

Tart Michigan cherries and sweet red raspberries, cooked when they're ripe in late summer, sweetened with fruit juice rather than refined sugar. That difference makes them a little tarter than normal preserves. Good news for folks who like things a little less sweet.

And calorie counters—only seven per teaspoon! We've been selling loads of Cherry Berry Spoon Fruit for what seems like forever (or over twenty years). It has a large, loyal following. Feel free to join it.

American Spoon Cherry Berry Spoonfruit

P-ZCB 9 oz jar
Ships for flat rate

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