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Wild Mugolio Pine Syrup

Wild Mugolio Pine Syrup

The most unique product I’ve tasted in years.

Eleanora Cuancia harvests young cones and buds each spring from mugo pines in Italy. She stores them in the sun till fall, and during that time they slowly expel syrup. In fall she cooks the syrup down over a low fire with sugar till it's hazel brown and smells deeply of resinous pine. Into the bottle, off to us.

If you’re thinking this is like Pine Sol, then you’re way off. And if you're hoping to find recipes for this in your Italian cookbook, then you're probably out of luck. (In fact, if you find one, send it to us!) But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little creative and find plenty of ways to use it.

Mugolio’s scent and flavor is delicate and complex. A drizzle enhances fresh goat cheese or fruits like pears and apples. If you serve pies à la mode, then a few drops will blow adventurous feasters off their collective feet. One of our customers told me her sister-in-law spooned it into hot tea and it cured her sore throat.

What about you? Email your ideas to moeats@zingermans.com.

"A thick syrup fragrant with evergreen."
Florence Fabricant, New York Times

"The Alp’s answer to maple syrup, with complex and delicate wild flower and rosemary essences, used for finishing anything from roasted pork, poultry and game to topping ice cream and panna cotta."
Julia Della Croce, Zester Daily

Bon Appétit

Still not sure what to do with Mugolio pine syrup?
9 Clever Ways to Use Mugolio Wild Pine Syrup

Wild Mugolio Pine Syrup

P-WMP 100 ml bottle

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