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Vintage Fruitcakes

Ain't no joke.

If you already consider fruit cake a joke, the idea of a vintage fruit cake must seem like a real marketer's whopper. Selling last year's fruit cakes? Yes, that's exactly what we're doing. 

In the summer of 2017, Robert Lambert made a small number of his rare citrus fruit cakes to age: a handful each of his classic White Fruitcake and his dusky Dark Fruitcake. He cellared them in California. Over the last year the flavor has developed, expanded and become more complex. Like a wine that was fun while young but more serious now that it's aged, these fruit cakes have become a real fruit cake lover's treat. Get yours quick, they sell out every year. Gift boxed.

Vintage White Rare Citrus Fruitcake

P-VTG 1 lb fruitcake, six inches long, serves 8-10
Ships for flat rate

Vintage Dark Rare Citrus Fruitcake

P-VLD 1 lb fruitcake, six inches long, serves 8-10
Returning October 2019

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