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Saffron Panettone

A delicate flower of a Christmas cake.

Panettone, the feather-light Christmas cake enjoyed all over Italy, is one of my favorite holiday treats. I'm not alone in my love for the citrus infused cake. Each year we import more panetonni than we did the before and every year they sell out earlier than last holiday.

We've brought in a variety of flavors for Christmas (check out the the one laced with balsamic or for chocolate lovers we have one with chunks of chocolate and figs), but this is the first time anyone in the United States has seen this saffron scented beauty. I'm not a religious man, but this cake is heavenly and I bet this is what they'll be serving up there this Christmas, too. 

The saffron and the oranges used inside this cake are grown in Sicily, but the other candied fruits and nuts you might find in a classic panettone are absent from the ingredient list. Instead the flavors remain delicate and soft so as not to over power the aroma and flavor of the saffron inside.

Beautiful inside, this cake is gorgeous on the outside as well. Wrapped in an elegant woven bread cloth that'll you keep and enjoy long after the cake is devoured and Christmas is but a memory. Reserve yours today or ship one to a friend who loves traditional holiday treats and rare food finds. 

Saffron Panettone

P-SPN 750 g, serves 10-12
Returning October 2018

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