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Spanish Drinking Chocolate

Barely legal.

In Spain they’ll drink this morning, noon and night. Stateside, it's hard to get our hands on it. When the chance presents itself we jump at it — if you see it in stock, my advice is to BUY IT!

Each box contains a few handfuls of chocolate pellets that you mix with milk or water. You can make it as thick as you want by using milk (not water) and proportionally more chocolate. For a truly indulgent chocolate experience, go heavy on the chocolate. Slow, low heat, constant stirring and a little patience will produce one of the most luscious and rich elixirs you've ever sipped.

This is one hot chocolate we adults can keep all to ourselves.

Spanish Drinking Chocolate

P-ROV 330 g box, 8 servings
Returning October 2019

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