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Guava Marmalade

Guava Marmalade

Mexican marvel.

Guayeco, the makers behind this marmalade, is all about guava. All their products are made in the small town of Calvillo, Mexico, in the center of the country. The area boasts the best guavas, so they say, and it's here that the story of the marmalade began. 

The patriarch of the family had guava groves and his wife used to jar and can the excess harvest they couldn't sell fresh. The recipes were passed down through the generations until they ended up in the hands of Marie Maldanado-Cohen. She wanted to keep her grandmother's memory alive and so she began importing guava products to the states. 

I have a soft spot for preserves of this nature: a bit chunky yet spreadable, luscious, bright and delicious. It sports only two ingredients: guava and cane sugar (well, three because there's a touch of citric acid in there to help keep its color).

Guava is one of those exotic flavors that feels very familiar. Its flavor is tropical and sometimes it actually makes me feel like I'm basking on a beach somewhere instead of nibbling away at my kitchen table. Try it on toast, grilled chicken or even pork tenderloin hot off the grill. 

"Love, love, love the guava marmalade. Not too tart or too sweet. Great on toast or yogurt."
Ann, Traverse City, MI

Guava Marmalade

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