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Epices de Cru Spice Set and Book

Grand tour.

First you’ll be struck by how they look. Over two dozen matte metal tins, transluscent tops, each filled with a shock of spice. When you unwrap it, the aroma follows: floral, toasty, bright, rich, herbal, earthy, all swimming together. What really steals the show, though, is the taste.
Ethne and Philippe de Vienne’s Montreal-based spice business Epices de Cru has what I think are hands-down the best spices around. Their house blends are unparalleled. This kit has 26 spice combos, enough to keep a curious cook busy for months. It comes with a full book featuring sixty of their well-tested recipes. Makes a stunning gift.
Note the spices are whole, which makes them last much longer. They only need a quick grind with a mortar and pestle or food processor. They will boost the flavor of your cooking tenfold.

Epices de Cru Spice Set and Book

P-EDC 26 spices, plus 144-page book
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