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Chocolate and Fig Panettone

Chocolate and Fig Panettone

The unicorn of Christmas cakes.

We’ve been enjoying and selling panettone, the feather-light cake eaten across Italy at Christmastime, for more than three decades. Most panettoni are seasoned with citrus and bits of fruit or nuts, though we also discovered one laced with balsamic. This one takes the classic flavors up to eleven by tucking in luscious pockets of tender figs and bits of chocolate

Wrapped and ribboned, it makes a beautiful gift for a chocolate-and-fruit fan. And though it has no preservatives, a panettone will last for months—so even if it gets lost under the tree in the midst of all the festivities, it'll still be great when you rediscover it days or weeks later.

Chocolate and Fig Panettone

P-CPN 750 g cake, serves 10-12
Returning October 2022

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