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Mokha Java Coffee

A deep dark brew from the origin of coffee.

The roasters toiling at Zingerman’s Coffee Company do very few "blends." They love to focus on the unique flavors of single varietal beans at the Coffee Company, but Mokha Java blend is a classic in the coffee world and one of those benchmark brews that all quality roasters produce.

Mokha Java combines light roasted Ethiopian beans with some darker Indonesian coffees – Sumatra and Papua New Guinea. The fruitiness and acidity (like berries and citrus) of the Ethiopian is a good compliment for the dark roasted Sumatra. The Indonesians bring some thicker body and dark, smoky notes.

Great in the morning with a hearty breakfast or after a nice dinner.

Roast: Dark on the Indonesian, light on the Ethiopian
Tasting Notes: Bright fruit with dark earthy undertones. The earthy finish is rather short due to the brightness.
Facts: Roasted fresh by Zingerman’s Coffee Company. Shipped whole bean.

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Mokha Java Coffee

P-COF-MOK 12 oz bag
Returning on or before August 30
Ships for flat rate

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