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Holiday Blend Coffee

Our annual holiday blend returns.

When Roastmaster Steve and his crew developed our Holiday Blend for 2018, they focused on the chocolatey, bright, fruity flavors from South and Central American beans. After plenty of tasting and tweaking, they settled on a blend of single-origin estate coffees from Brazil and Costa Rica, plus a bit of a cooperative-grown coffee from Colombia. The resulting blend is rich, layered, and smooth with hints of cocoa.
It’s the kind of coffee you can drink day or night, at breakfast or with dessert, indoors, outdoors, with family and friends, or just by itself, as you sit fireside wrapped in a pile of blankets.
Available through Christmas, then it's gone till next year.

Roast: medium
Body: smooth
Tasting Notes: rich, sweet, notes of dark chocolate and fruit
Facts: roasted fresh by Zingerman's Coffee Company. Shipped whole bean.


Holiday Blend Coffee

P-COF-HOL 12 oz bag
Returning October 2019

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