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Bell Stone Dark Chocolate Toffee

What toffee always should have been.

Forget all the toffee disappointments life has dealt you: the ones that are rock hard, or gummy-sticky, or cloyingly sweet, or sticks in your teeth. This toffee is crisp, buttery, and after a satisfying crunch it melts in your mouth. Nutty, chocolatey, just sweet enough, and perhaps a little too easy to keep snacking on. 
Bellstone Toffee began in 1992. It was founded by the mother/daughter team of Pat & Anijka Stone. Anijka was still in high school at the time, making small batches of toffee from Grandmother Bell's 100-year-old recipe. It starts with butter and sugar caramelizing over high heat. Each 12-pound batch cooks for about an hour, then it's poured out and topped with dark chocolate from Guittard in San Francisco and chopped pecans. After cooling, it's broken into pieces and packed in a silver bag.

Bell Stone Dark Chocolate Toffee

P-BST 6 oz bag
Returning October 2018

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