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Anchovy Stuffed Peppers

Anchovy Stuffed Peppers

Red truffles from northern Italy.

One of the most amazing foods I've ever had.

Why do I call them "truffles?" Well, no pigs root these out from the ground, but it’s an apt description—they’re almost as hard to find, similarly shaped and nearly as expensive. Roberto Santopietro and his crew at Il Mongetto take Sicilian capers and anchovies from the Adriatic and stuff them into exquisite cherry peppers from Piedmont, then pack them all in good extra-virgin olive oil from Umbria.

Pop the whole thing in your mouth. Chew slowly. The layers of flavors unfold on your tongue. Sweetness at first, then mild heat, all enhanced by the suave saltiness of anchovies. Each jar is a siren. Your fingers will be coated in oil from grabbing peppers; before you know it, you'll wish you’d bought two.

Anchovy Stuffed Peppers

P-AUP 180 g jar, about 8 peppers
Ships for flat rate