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Holy Cow Beef Sticks

Holy Cow Beef Sticks

Beef on the run.

Artisan salami makers are growing in number and notoriety as our love for great food continues to grow. Standing out in the crowd is harder than ever, but Red Bear Provisions in Chicago has done just that. While many charcuterie makers take their cues from styles made famous in France, Spain and Italy, Red Bear’s recipes are inspired by the flavors of Eastern Europe and Russia. In these parts of the world, beef is more accessible and bolder flavors garner the accolades. Beefy, rich, and often times smoky, Red Bear is a rising eastern star in the salami making sky.

This is Red Bear Provisions’ version of Evreyskaya, an Eastern European salami usually reserved for special occasions, here made in a slim format for maximum snackability. Made from premium cuts of Angus beef and mixed with black pepper and garlic, these sticks are smoked over oak to impart a hint of smoky sweetness to go with the rich beef flavor.

Great for nibbling in the car, on the trail, or in the office when a midday boost is just what you need.

Holy Cow Beef Sticks

M-HCW 4 oz, 3 sticks
Ships for flat rate

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