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Chanukah Gift Boxes

Chanukah Gift Boxes

Chanukah finger food.

Keep them noshing day after day during the holiday with treats to please everyone.

The Classic Chanukah Gift Box comes with an assortment of Rugelach (half apricot, half classic currant & walnut), Kosher Chocolate Gelt, Maple Halvah, two Star of David Marzipan Lollipops, and two wooden Dreidels to keep the fun going long after the food is gobbled up.

The Deluxe Chanukah Gift Box includes everything in the Classic box above, plus a Chocolate and Raisin Babka and a bag of Kosher Sea Salt Caramels.

The Supreme Chanukah Gift Box includes everything in the Classic and Deluxe boxes, as well as an Olive Oil Coffee Cake and a bottle of extra virgin Olive Oil, Chocolate Toffee Covered Matzo, a box of Almond and Citrus Mandelbread, and a jar of Kosher Star Thistle Honey.

Most items in these boxes are not certified Kosher, though a few items are. For more details or to make any adjustments, please give us a call at 888.636.8162.

Chanukah Foods Gift Box

G-CHA Gift Box, serves 6-8
Free shipping

Deluxe Chanukah Gift Box

G-CHA-D gift box, serves 10-12
Free shipping

Supreme Chanukah Gift Box

G-CHA-X gift box, serves 12-15
Free shipping

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