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Piquillo Pimientos

The prince of roasted peppers.

Piquillo pimientos are to peppers what Parmigiano-Reggiano is to cheese: the undisputed sovereign. However, beware. There are many versions on shelves these days, and most are nowhere near as flavorful as these. For example, some aren't smoked; these are. Some taste watery; these don't.

Lay these deep, rose-red peppers on a white plate in a pool of gorgeous Alziari olive oil, and you’ll have an hors d’oeuvre as luscious to look at as it is to eat. While we have many great foods, I still stand by my decade-long advice: if you've never tried these before, do so soon.

We're now selling Wood Fire Roasted Piquillo Peppers in place of these ones that we used to sell.

Piquillo Pimientos

P-PIQ 215 g jar

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