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Zingerman's Travel Oil

A pint-sized bottle of Tuscan oil, just the right size for vacation.

Our Tuscan friend, Sr. Grappolini, blends an array of Italian extra-virgin olive oils on his estate to create this great introductory oil. I can think of a hundred reasons to give this oil away—for one, the cartoon label designed by us makes it a lot of fun—but you'll definitely want to think about keeping a bottle for yourself. The smaller size and lower price will let you add it to your olive oil arsenal without the expense of buying a bigger bottle.

The 2014 harvest is quite buttery with lots of rich black olive flavors. The aroma has mild notes of grass and lemon. The finish slowly builds to a big peppery tickle across the throat.

Zingerman's Food Tours is visiting Tuscany in October 2015. Join us for a behind the scenes journey to traditional food makers like this.

Zingerman's Travel Oil

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