Zingerman's Peranzana Olive Oil

The oil we put our label on.

We looked long and hard for an oil to call our own. We finally chose this one. Zingerman’s Olive Oil is made by Marina Colonna on her ancient estate in the Molise, a little over 100 miles due east of Rome. Made from hand picked Peranzana olives pressed the same day they’re taken from the tree, this extra virgin olive oil is hugely flavorful.

The latest vintage, harvested and pressed in fall 2013, is a vibrant dark yellow with a green tinge. It smells like fresh cut grass with a few pine needles mixed in. The flavor is bitter at the start, with notes of rosemary, pine nuts, and green banana. The finish is peppery without being overwhelming. It’s excellent on just about everything—salads, soups, seafood, steaks, beans or, of course, bruschetta.

Our Frantoio Olive Oil from Chile is also bottled under a Zingerman's label.

Zingerman's Peranzana Olive Oil

O-ZIN 500 ml
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