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Sea Urchin Sauce

Sicilian caviar sauce.

Some of the foods we sell, like crowd favorite Roadhouse Bread, can be recommended to anyone without reservation.

Sugo a ricci is definitely not one of these foods.

If you're not sure whether you like sea urchin, don’t start here. But if you love it—or know someone who does—then you’re on to something very special.

Sea urchin, or ricci in Italian, are to the Mediterranean Sea as caviar are to the Caspian: highly prized, low in supply, expensive and a source of passion that’s matched by few other fish. The spiny urchins are collected by hand and opened immediately, manually, one at a time. Each yields a tiny amount of edible flesh. The flavor is briny, metallic, intense, like an oyster to the fourth power.

Thirty grams of sea urchin are woven into each 200-gram jar of tomato based sauced, spiked with tuna roe and anchovies. It's enough for a powerful blast of flavor. You don’t need more than a spoonful or two for a plate of spaghetti.

A jar serves 10-12. Very limited supply.

Sea Urchin Sauce

P-URH 200 g jar

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