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Capirete Olive Oil

A versatile oil perfect for summer greens and beyond.

From the same company that makes our favorite 50 year sherry vinegar

It's an excellent mono-varietal oil made exclusively from picual olives, grown around Jerez in the Andalusia region of Spain. Picual olive oils have the best of both worlds. They start out smooth, sweet and buttery, then finish with a peppery kick with makes it a perfect oil for salads and bitter greens from your neighborhood farmer's market.

When you get up close and personal with this oil you notice its green banana nose. Think of the aroma you get from a under-ripe banana and you've got it. The flavor is milder than other oils on our shelves, making it a great oil for beginners in the kitchen. Its bitter, peppery flavor in the finish will please all oil afficionados, making it a great gift for foodies.

This oil is a part of our summer 2015 Olive Oil Pop-Up Shop. We brought it on just for the event, and when it sells out, that's it—it's gone!

Capirete Olive Oil

O-COO 500 ml bottle
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