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Bacon All Year Club

The year of living baconly.

The bacon maven's club of choice. Twelve months of bacon, delivered to their doorstep. The gift that will never be forgotten.

Each shipment contains 12 to 16 ounces of artisan bacon, bacon stories, histories and recipes.
Bonus! Free Bacon Booklet keepsake primer and awesome Pig Magnet with first club shipment.

"Amazing artisan bacon"—Mario Batali

"The country's finest slabs of hog"—Men's Journal

"Fantastic gift!"—Bobby Flay

"Every time I’m eating bacon I think I could die right now and I mean it, that’s how good life is."—Louis CK

Wanna let the recipient know what they're in for? Download this card and give it to them!

$10 extra per month for shipments to Alaska & Hawaii.

Bacon All Year Club

G-BAC-12 12 Month
  • Month 1:
    Applewood Smoked Bacon, Bacon All-Stars Refrigerator Magnet, Pocket Book of Bacon
  • Month 2:
    Arkansas Peppered Bacon
  • Month 3:
    Hickory Smoked Duroc Bacon
  • Month 4:
    Jowl Bacon, Burger Steak Bacon
  • Month 5:
    Kentucky Dry Cured Bacon
  • Month 6:
    Cherrywood Smoked Bacon
  • Month 7:
    Two of Spencer's Irish-Style Back Bacon
  • Month 8:
    Balinese Long Pepper Bacon
  • Month 9:
    Hungarian Double Smoked Bacon
  • Month 10:
    Newsom's Dry Cured Bacon
  • Month 11:
    Tennessee Dry Cured Bacon
  • Month 12:
    Nodine's Juniper Smoked Bacon
  • $400
    Free shipping

    Randomly Generated Deliciousness

    Peasant Bread Gift Box

    ships 2 business days

    Cherrywood Smoked Bacon: Jeremy's Favorite

    ships 2 business days warm weather care

    Blackberry & Poppy Flower Preserves

    Ships for flat rate

    Faella Pasta

    Ships for flat rate