Zingerman's Freshly Milled Rye Flour

Zingerman's Freshly Milled Rye Flour

The flour that flavors Zingerman's rye bread.

When Zingerman's Bakehouse first fired up their ovens in the fall of 1992, they had only one goal: bake great breads that could be used for sandwiches at Zingerman's Delicatessen. Since our Reuben has been our perennial best seller, that meant coming up with a traditional rye bread that knocked it out of the park.

Fast forward nearly three decades later. Our Jewish Rye Bread has won praise and accolades. In The Atlantic, David Sax said it tastes "like no rye you've ever had." In Saveur, Jane and Michael Stern called our rye the best in America. 

What makes it so different? One of the biggest factors is that unlike most rye bread on the market, which counterintuitively actually contains very little rye flour, ours has always used a heaping helping of it. And since installing our own small granite mill in our Bakehouse in 2018, we've been milling all of our own rye flour in house. We get the organic rye berries from a few farms just an hour or two away in the "thumb" of Michigan. We mill it just before we bake with it, and we don't separate any part of it so there's lots of whole grain goodness. Freshly milled flours are more flavorful flours, and more flavorful flours make for more flavorful breads.

This is the rye flour we mill in house at our Bakehouse. In addition to being the base of our Jewish rye bread, we also include it in our Roadhouse breadVollkornbrot, Country Miche, Dinkelbrot, and others. Use it to bake your own supremely flavorful rye breads at home.

Want to bake your own Jewish Rye bread at home? Find the recipe in the Zingerman's Bakehouse cookbook.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed working with your freshly milled flour. After pulling the rye bread out of the oven this morning, I felt you needed a real message from me."
Meg, Huntsville, AL

"Rye bread was baked yesterday - best bread I've ever made and I'm giving all credit to the flour."
Kathy, East Concord, NY

Zingerman's Freshly Milled Rye Flour

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