Eric Martin's Trielles Olive Oil

Eric Martin's Trielles Olive Oil

The Catherine Deneuve of olive oil.

Eric's oil is from the northern part of Provence, a place less frequented by tourists, with a terrain sometimes described as bleak. Up here, there's less rainfall, and the abundant sunshine makes for bigger fruit, bursting with flavor.

Prevailing wisdom says harsher terrains make better oils, and Eric's is certainly worth tasting. Like the region it comes from, it might not have as ardent a following as Maussane, but it's just as delicious. 

The majority of Eric's oil goes to locals to whom he has long-standing annual commitments. At some point he had an above average yield which got us “in the door” and has allowed us to keep buying some ever since. As is common in Provence, Eric leaves his oil unfiltered. The result is lovely; very buttery, round, fruity, with a gentle, but distinctive olive flavor. 

It's superb with any type of vegetable dish, such as roasted fennel or sautéed fresh local spinach. I love it on warm potato salad topped with crumbled French Roquefort cheese. It's great, too, simply on just-cooked potatoes. Easiest of all, eat it on a bougnette (the French version of bruschetta): toasted Farm bread rubbed with garlic and doused in a generous bit of this outstanding olive oil.

"Like Catherine Deneuve: silky, subtle, quintessentially French." 
Francine Maroukian, Travel & Leisure

Extra virgin olive oil
Bouteillon, Leccio, Picholine, Cailletiers, Tanche, Caillet Roux, and Ribier olives
Light and elegant flavors

Eric Martin's Trielles Olive Oil

O-ERI 750 ml
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