Eric Martin's Trielles Olive Oil: Gauri's Favorite

The Catherine Deneuve of olive oil.

Gauri Thergaonkar is the Community Builder at ZingTrain.

Perhaps Eric's Oil is my favorite because I visited Eric at the Les Treilles estate, far in the north of Provence where no tourists go. Or perhaps I visited Eric's dry, rocky mountainous estate because his oil has been my favorite since the very first time I tasted it. That was almost 13 years ago.
Made of a blend of seven rather unusual olives, Eric's is a classic Provencal oil—herbal, fruity, soft as silk, with a little hint of pepper in the end, almost in tribute to Eric's Italian grandparents. I love this oil because it is both gentle and complex. No matter how many olive oils I taste or use, I find myself returning to Eric's as my touchstone—the olive oil that has a little bit of everything in perfect proportions.

"Like Catherine Deneuve: silky, subtle, quintessentially French." 
Francine Maroukian, Travel & Leisure

Eric Martin's Trielles Olive Oil: Gauri's Favorite

O-ERI 750 ml
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