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Eric Martin's Trielles Olive Oil

The Catherine Deneuve of olive oil.

This French extra virgin olive oil comes to us courtesy of Mort Rosenblum, an Associated Press foreign correspondent and the author of Olives: The Life and Lore of a Noble Fruit. Eric's oil is from the northern part of Provence, a place less frequented by tourists, with a terrain sometimes described as bleak. Prevailing wisdom says harsher terrains make better oils, and Eric's is certainly worth tasting. Like the region it comes from, it might not have as ardent a following as Maussane, but it's just as delicious.

The most recent harvest, picked and pressed in 2017, has a mild aroma hinting at ripe black olive. That buttery, black olive flavor comes through up front, followed by a wave of bitter greens like arugula. There's a long tickle of pepper in the finish.

"Like Catherine Deneuve: silky, subtle, quintessentially French." 
Francine Maroukian, Travel & Leisure

Eric Martin's Trielles Olive Oil

O-ERI 750 ml
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