Citrus Olive Oil Sampler from Italy

Citrus Olive Oil Sampler from Italy

Italian Barbecue Sauce.

Expand your olive oil world without cleaning out your wallet.

From the mill of Marina Colonna in Molise, Italy (the source of our first house olive oil). Whole olives are pressed with citrus rinds, not infused with “essences” or “flavors” like most citrus oils. Each piece of fruit is peeled by hand before pressing, a step almost no one takes but that Marina feels “makes the taste of real fruit stand out.”

And she's right. These are some of the best citrus oils I've ever tasted. They're great drizzled on anything off the grill, added to a vinaigrette or lavished on roasted vegetables. Asparagus with a bead line of orange oil is a personal favorite.

You can even fit one of these mini bottles in your back pocket. Take it to a party where a grill is in action. You might catch a few odd looks when you bring it out. Never mind. They’re just jealous. And they're about to be astounded by the madness of this brand of Italian barbecue sauce.

Sampler contains orange, lemon, bergamot and mandarin extra virgin olive oils.

Citrus Olive Oil Sampler from Italy

O-CIT 4 bottles, 1/4 oz each
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