Green Hill Cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy

Green Hill Cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy

Southern belle.

On the verdant pastures of southern Georgia, husband and wife Jeremy and Jessica Little run Sweet Grass Dairy with a herd of mostly Jersey cows. The cows live outdoors on pasture, where the Littles follow rotational grazing practices. They use the milk to make stunning cheese.

Green Hill is a soft, camembert-style cheese with an intense golden color. Each wheel is hand-ladled and aged for two weeks, just long enough to form a thin bloomy rind.

The aroma is like fresh cream and sautéed mushrooms. It’s got a silky texture and tastes like buttered popcorn when it’s fresh, with mushroomy notes developing as it ages. Slather it on a warm, crusty baguette or pair it with American Spoon’s sour cherry preserves and crackers for an eye-rollingly good snack.

"[Sweet Grass Dairy is] one of the South's finest cheesemakers. Raw milk from a family farm going back generations is the foundation for some excellent work. "
David Landsel, Food & Wine

Cow's milk
Traditional rennet

Green Hill Cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy

C-GHL 7.5 oz round
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