Black Olive Farm Bread

Reserve a loaf of this cult favorite while you can!

Take our very popular Farm Bread dough made with organic flour, fold in marinated black olives, bake it up and then watch the feeding frenzy. 

For years the masters at Zingerman's Bakehouse only made this loaf once a month or so. But with a bit of charm, we were able to talk them into making it year round only for us!

This is one of those loaves with so much flavor you’ll start planning your dinner around the bread. Great with pasta dishes. Toast and serve with soft goat cheeses. Even Zingerman's Cream Cheese goes well with the salty earthiness contributed by the olives. If you like making your own croutons, this is the bread for you.

Heat the bread when you're ready to eat. Click here for instructions.

Black Olive Farm Bread

B-OLV 1.5 lb loaf
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