Lutenitsa Red Pepper Spread

Lutenitsa Red Pepper Spread

Slavic staple.

There are many versions of this type of sauce in Eastern Europe known by many different names (there’s a similar Serbian sauce called “ajvar”). Zingerman’s Mail Order founder and writer Mo Frechette remembers a similar sauce from his time teaching English in Slovakia in the early 90s. “It was the closest thing we could find to pasta sauce while we were living there.” Mo said. “It’s sweeter than pasta sauce, but it did the job while we were there.”

While Lutenitsa could work as a pasta sauce in a pinch, in Bulgaria it’s far more common to find it slathered on bread topped with feta cheese. The combination of the sweet sauce and the salty cheese with crusty bread is delicious. A great late afternoon snack for kids coming home for school or even as an appetizer before a meal. You can use it as a sandwich spread with ham and cheese or atop sausages, or add a few spoonfuls to other sauces to add a sweet, slightly zesty zip.

All natural. Use it liberally and enjoy.

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