Roadhouse Joe Coffee

It has "lots of body and not bite"—Francine Maroukian, Travel & Leisure magazine

In preparation for the opening of Zingerman’s Roadhouse in 2003, roastmaster Allen Leibowitz and chef Alex Young got together to settle on a signature coffee blend. It’s been a hit ever since. Coffee lovers quickly warmed up to its easy to enjoy balance of high, middle and low flavor notes, put together with lots of body and no bite.

Technically, it’s a mix of Papua New Guinea, Guatemala Antigua, Indian Coorg and Brazilian Peaberry, each added for their contribution in body, balance and nuttiness. Less technically—but more importantly—it’s a sensible, smooth, crowd-pleasing coffee that’s guaranteed to satisfy anyone at your table (or on your gift list).

Roast: Medium
Body: Wild.
Tasting Notes: Balanced, slightly nutty. Smooth.
Facts: Roasted fresh by Zingerman’s Coffee Company. Shipped whole bean.

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Roadhouse Joe Coffee

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