Capirete Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A versatile oil perfect for summer greens and beyond.

We found this oil through a company we've been buying from for years. Capriete sherry vinegars have been on our shelves since I started my Zingerman's career back in 1994 and they're still some of the most popular we carry. But we didn't know they had an olive oil, too. 

We're always looking for good varietal oils, meaning they're made with only one type of olive, so when we found a sample bottle in our Spanish import back in January, we were excited to taste it. It's an excellent example of picual olives, grown around Jerez in the Andalusia region of Spain. 

I especially like this oil for those types of salads because its made from picual olives which pair well with greens in my opinion. The oil has a nice green banana nose and a rather mild but bright flavor that tempers the bitterness in local greens from your neighborhood farmer's market and gives food a little zing. 

Use it on grilled steak (really). Let the meat rest for a few minutes, then drizzle the oil before serving. It really brings out the flavors of the steak and adds a bit of richness that's really surprising. 

Capirete Extra Virgin Olive Oil

O-COO 500 ml
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