The Weekender Gift Boxes

Our most popular gift box. Free shipping for Christmas Eve.

This is a great all-purpose gift, built from foods the recipient can snack on right out of the box. Whatever the occasion, folks will dig right in.

The Weekender. Illustrated. This colorful cartooned gift box is filled with a loaf of Zingerman’s Artisan Bread, a couple Brownies (Walnut-studded Magic Brownie and a Caramel Dulce de Leche Buenos Aires Brownie), La Quercia's Borsellino Salami, Zingerman's Peanut Brittle, a half pound of our Nor'easter Cabot Cheddar and a nosher-sized version of our extremely popular, extremely good Sourcream Coffeecake.

The Long Weekender, packed in a handsome wooden crate, includes all the items in the Weekender plus Zingerman’s freshly roasted Coffee, Smooch Lion Natural Gummies, Zingerman's Banana Bread, Spanish Chocolate Covered Figs and our Chocolate Sourdough Bread.

The Weekender Gift Box

G-WEE Gift Box, serves 6-8
Free shipping

The Long Weekender Gift Box

G-LWE Gift Crate, serves 10-12
ships 2 business days
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