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Faella Pasta

Naples' pasta.

Our two gold standards for dried pasta, Martelli and Rustichella, come from Tuscany and Abruzzo in the center of Italy, the country’s heartland. But there’s been a long tradition of great pasta in and around Naples, too.

I’ve really come to like the pastas from Faella, a century-old firm in Gragnano, who pays attention to all the key details that make for full flavored pasta: high protein wheat, bronze die extrusion to make the pasta surface rough, and long, slow drying times so the noodles taste more like bread than flour. The two typical shapes for the area, gemelli and casarecce, are both short, so they work great with chunky sauces. 

"Strong and multifaceted flavor, punchy toasted notes... A marvel."

Faella Pasta - Gemelli

P-FAE-GEM 500 g bag

Faella Pasta - Casarecce

P-FAE-CAS 500 g bag

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