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Tree Town Blend Coffee

Tree Town Blend Coffee

Our Roaster's Pick for September.

In the coffee world (like the wine world) we often celebrate single varietals for their precious characteristics. These beans have notes of red berries and cocoa...those beans are redolent of fresh mown hay mixed with lavender...and so on. 

And those coffees should be celebrated for their virtues. These single varietals are the arias of the caffeinated operas: strong, proud and true. 

This coffee, however, is an ensemble of flavors and beans. Instead of coaching a diva to an inspiring solo, the maestros of roasting at Zingerman's Coffee Company have composed a symphony of varietals from around the world into a blend that is complex, enticing, and perfect for the season. It's one thing to bring out the full flavors of one type of bean, it's a completely different challenge to bring out the flavors of beans from three different countries and get them to work together

Yet that's exactly what they've done. This blend of beans from Brazil, Guatemala, and Tanzania sparkles with notes of caramel, plums, and cocoa. Juicy and chocolatey all at once, it's complex but approachable. It's wonderful this time of year when it's not quite cold, but not still so warm. Morning, noon, evening, late afternoon when you need a pick me up, it's great!

Roast: medium
Body: smooth
Tasting Notes: caramel, stone fruit, cocoa, complex & juicy
Facts: roasted fresh by Zingerman's Coffee Company. Shipped whole bean.

Tree Town Blend Coffee

P-COF-TTB 12 oz bag
Returning on or before September 25
Ships for flat rate