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Sweet elixir of Sardinia.

Abbamele is made from the cooked must of honeycombs, after the honey has been extracted. It's a great example of traditional peasant cooking: taking something "worthless" and turning it into a culinary treasure.

Abbamele is dark like molasses but much more complex, with a toasty flavor that has hints of coffee and caramel. Not too sweet, it's good on cheese, fresh fruit or even drizzled on a plate of pasta. Since it's cooked, the honey flavor is concentrated. A little goes an extremely long way. In Sardinia, where it's called abazu, it's a traditional dip for raw bitter greens. Sardinian chef Efisio Ferris (with two great restaurants, Pomodoro and Arcodoro, that feature the food of Sardinia) drizzles it on ice cream and roasted apricots.

That's a long list of uses, but I get the feeling many more are to be discovered. Makes a great gift for an adventurous cook.


P-ABB 255 g jar

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