Rosé Wine Vinegar

Rosé Wine Vinegar

Rosé (on salad) all day.

In an effort to hold onto the fleeting fancies and warm feelings left lingering from summer, we share this rosé wine vinegar from Acetaia San Giacomo in the Reggio Emilia of Italy.

For generations, the family has been making vinegars with the local trebbiano grapes. The current head of the vinegar efforts, Andrea Bezzecchi, has expanded their horizions.

You see, he’s won accolades for his traditional balsamic vinegars, the type that come in very specific bottles and are regularly judged by a government appointed consortium to make sure they’re up to snuff. Anyway, there’s loads more grapes in the region besides the trebbiano (from which balsamic is made) and Andrea has decided to make some wine vinegars alongside his award winning balsamic.

Made from locally grown (to Andrea), organic grapes, the wine vinegars he’s producing taste a bit lighter and less harsh on the tongue than others. In particular, I like this rosé vinegar because in balances very nicely between sweet, bright, acidic, yet light and easy. It's ideal for vinaigrettes. I’ve been using it to deglaze a pan of string beans, then use that as a sauce for chicken or grilled vegetables. Like I said, there’s something that makes me feel like we’re still in summer, even if all the other environmental clues are telling us otherwise.


"This rosé wine vinegar is to die for. Really love this stuff. Would have bought multiples had I known."
Linda, Woodland, CA

Rosé Wine Vinegar

V-ORV 500 ml bottle
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