Extra Aged Traditional Balsamics from Modena

Extra Aged Traditional Balsamics from Modena

Ultra luxe and ultra aged.

Just when you thought balsamic couldn’t get any more luxurious, Acetaia del Cristo, the maker of our traditional balsamics from Modena, with four sumptuous elixirs that will leave you gobsmacked.

The first two are each made in barrels that are more than 50 years old. The next two come from barrels that have been in use for more than a century. Over the decades, the balsamic and wood flavor each other. After so many decades, the barrels create an astounding depth of flavor, with incredible nuance and complexity in each drop of balsamic.

First is the Black Diamond, aged for more than 50 years, tucked in a bespoke wooden box decorated with a design that’s been fire-etched by hand on the lid.

The Paradise Fabulous is aged in barrels dating back from the end of the 19th century. It comes in its own hand-painted, handmade wooden box.

The Grandmother's Fabulous is aged in barrels that have been in use continually since 1849. Each bottles comes nestled in a hand-painted, handmade wooden box.

We’ve brought all three of them on just for the balsamic blowout, then they’re gone. It probably goes without saying but quantities are draconically limited.

Black Diamond Extra Aged Balsamic

V-DMN 100 ml bottle in pyrographed wooden box
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Paradise Fabulous Balsamic

V-PRS 100 ml bottle in painted wooden box
Returning January 2022

Grandmother's Fabulous Century-Old Balsamic

V-GMA 100 ml in wooden box
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