35th Anniversary Traditional Balsamic

Traditional balsamic, smaller format.

While we carry different vinegars and olive oils from different farms and acetaias, we only carry one family's everyday balsamic. Working just off the historic square in the center of the old town of Castelvetro, southwest of Modena, Italy, Roberta Pelloni and her husband Marino Tintori make a range of outstanding balsamics under the name La Vecchia Dispensa. And while I've probably tasted a hundred balsamics since we started carrying theirs a decade and a half ago none have come close in terms of balance and flavor. Although many believe Americans tend to gravitate toward sweet caramel-flavored balsamics, Marino is quick to emphasize “the key to great Balsamico is balance.” Exaggerating sweetness is an easy way to enhance appeal and reduce the need for proper blending and aging. You might not notice it at first, but after many uses overly sweet balsamics get kind of dull. Not so with Vecchia Dispensa. They have a legion of followers who return to them again and again.

In honor of Zingerman’s 35th anniversary, Vecchia Dispensa has bottled just a few hundred vials of their traditional balsamic, made the way it’s been made for centuries. Our supply comes from a set of traditional balsamic barrels that have been in use for more than thirty years. Unlike with wine where new barrels are better, with balsamic the older the barrel, the more flavor it imparts to the vinegar. This particular set of barrels tends toward bright, fresh, fruity notes from the cherry and mulberry wood, with a slight oaky aftertaste. 

Instead of the standard traditional balsamic bottle, our anniversary vinegar has been packaged for the first time in a small bottle so more of us can afford it. Deep, woodsy flavor. Very special stuff, very limited availability.

35th Anniversary Traditional Balsamic

V-35A 40 ml bottle
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