Earl Grey Black Tea

Earl Grey Black Tea

Flavored with real bergamot.

Most Earl Grey tea, like other mass-produced flavored teas or coffees, has a cloying, sickly sweet taste caused by painting one low-grade product with the color of another flavor. The makers hope folks won’t notice that it’s all rather bad. It’s especially common with flavored coffees that hide cheap, poorly flavored beans in a sugary sweet haze. The bulk of Earl Grey suffers the same fate. The worst tea leaves are saved till last so they can be doused with flavoring—in this case, essence of bergamot.

But just as there are great jasmine scented teas that rise above the poorly made versions, there’s great Earl Grey too. This is one example, made with a soft touch of real oil of bergamot.

Bergamot is a small, perfumed citrus fruit that looks like a cross between a kumquat and an orange. Its skin is especially fragrant, and, when the oil is extracted and used in judicious doses, it makes for a wonderful addition to tea. Our Earl Grey tea's flavor is subtle, never overpowering, with hints of lemons and flowers.

Earl Grey makes our Tea for Two Gift Box a popular gift.


Earl Grey Black Tea

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