Dona Chai Tea Concentrate

Dona Chai Tea Concentrate

A balanced brew.

Chai means tea in many different languages. But the chai we see at our local cafes—the spice and black tea concoction served with steamed milk—originated in India and is better known as Masala Chai.


That’s where Dona Chai, made in Brooklyn, takes its inspiration. They freshly grind cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and black peppercorns then steep the spices with fresh ginger and loose leaf black tea. The mix melds together, the separate flavors of each ingredient blend into a concentrate that’s amazingly balanced and not heavy with spice or too tannic from the tea.


Mix with hot water or milk to create a chai experience at home better than any you’ll find in a cafe.


"Brewed in Brooklyn, NY, Dona Chai is one of the few small batch, locally produced chai brands sold in the U.S. "

Natalie Sportelli, Forbes

Dona Chai Tea Concentrate

T-CHI 16 oz bottle, 4 servings
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