Hazelnut Spread from France

Unexpected package.

Duff, our former resident sweets expert, turned me on to this one. It took a bit of cajoling because the packaging is, well, it's odd, no two ways about it. The tube looks like it holds a rich, brown hand lotion, not a luxurious hazelnut spread.

The clever vessel makes it an unexpected, fun gift. The flavor makes it something you'll want to keep for yourself. Made by François Pralus, the famed French sweet maker, so you can be assured no corners were cut on the ingredients.

Smoothly ground hazelnuts mixed with almonds, sugar and vanilla. The ultra nutty flavor is intense and flawless. What to squeeze it on? A little on your fingertip for tasting, sure. Ice cream next. From there, who knows? Maybe a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Hazelnut Spread from France

P-ZLP 8.8 oz tube
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